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12 engaging and fun games developed while teaching 300+ English language students are now available in the convenient format for teachers for the first time!

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Language Burger Games

The flexibility of the games

The games have several worksheets which you can play all in one lesson or divide the activities between several lessons. There are instructions for each game, although you don’t have to follow the rules strictly and can change anything about the game if it suits you and your students better.

Instructions include variants for playing the game individually, in groups, in pairs or whole class.



Some games can be altered so your students can practice any grammar construction while playing.



  1. What’s happening? What’s going to happen?
    Focus: Present Continuous and/or “to be going to”.
  2. Compare something weird.
    Focus: Comparative forms.
  3. Questions in a hat.
    Focus: Functional language: answering questions, having a conversation.

    Tenses involved:

    • Present Simple
    • Past Simple
    • Present
    • Perfect Simple/Continuous.
  4. Cloud nine.
    Focus: You may choose any of the following constructions to be the focus of the game:
    • Present Simple
    • Present Continuous
    • Present Perfect
    • Past Simple.
    • Means of expressing Future (Future Simple, “to be going to”, Present Continuous for arranged events)
  5. Keep a sentence.
    • Present Simple
    • Present Continuous
    • Present Perfect
    • Past Simple
    • Past Continuous
    • Future Simple
    • "to be going to"
  6. Thought bubbles.
    Focus: ‘I wish’ and ‘ If only’ for present and past.
  7. Noughts and crosses.
    • Present Simple
    • Present Continuous
    • Present Perfect
    • Future Simple
    • Past Simple
    • Past Continuous
    Or any other construction.
  8. Questions with and without auxiliary verbs.
    Focus: the same as the name.
  9. Crosswords.
    Focus: Vocabulary:
    • Animals
    • Fruit and vegetables
    • Clothes
    • Transport
    • Sport
    • Buildings
    • Beach holiday
  10. Numbers.
    Focus: Vocabulary: Numbers
    • from 1 to 50
    • from 1 to 100
    any numbers you choose to practice.
  11. Hangman.
    Focus: Vocabulary:
    • Crime and criminals
    • Jobs
    • Weather and nature
  12. Colours.
    Focus: Vocabulary: Colours.

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